Spoiler Alert: October already sucks

We are barely in it and this month is garbage – here’s some tips on how to calm the eff down

Taking a break from our regularly scheduled trend Tuesday for some sanity saving advice.*

LITERALLY 10 days in and this month is GARBAGE. Its cold, there was a horrific attack in Las Vegas, and Tom Petty died of a heart attack. Mind you, all of this occurred within less than 48 hours. 2017 keeps topping 2016 in the how to suck the most contest, and we have 3 more months to go, space cadets.  WHAT THE HELL.

Listen, politics aside, putting the news on lately for me has been emotionally draining.  I can’t watch it for more than 5 minutes without wanting to punch a wall or burst into tears.  Mother nature is trying to destroy us, and is taking no prisoners.  I am sure quite a few of you are feeling the same way, and tha’ts ok.  What is not ok, is not taking care of yourself. Here’s some ways I’m unwinding and dealing with the crap shoot that is life in America currently.


Get. Off. Social. Media.  Take a break. Look around. Listen to me, I’m a millennial and my phone is permanently attached to my hand. But sometimes disconnecting is a good thing. I have been following my own advice here because it took me LITERALLY DAYS to write this post. I needed a break, and that’s ok.


A wise, wise woman once said “exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands.  They just don’t.” Even if exercise doesn’t bring you to a euphoric, happy place, it is still a nice distraction from the hell that is reality.  Also, working out means you can eat more. Wins all around.

Treat yo’ self.

Far be it from me to tell someone not to treat yourself, for any reason.  But hey – whether its a nice meal, jewelry, clothes, a vacation, buying something will make you feel better. So long as you don’t think about the money exchange involved. Or, if you’re broke like me, a binge of some Bravo show will do.

Take care of your skin and shit. 

Nothing is better than an at home spa night. No awkward small talk and you don’t need to put pants on to leave. You can’t lose. Here’s some products I use to treat m’self.

Masks – Mask of Magnaminty by Lush and green clay mask by Sephora. Mask of magnaminty literally smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream. It’s heaven. And makes your skin amazing. The Sephora one is bomb too – I love all the Sephora brand masks but have been loving this clay mask lately. I also prefer the clay masks over the sheet masks. They tend to cover more and do a better job. My skin sucks, so this helps.

Bath bomb – Frozen by Lush. It’s no secret that Lush is known for their bath bombs. I have used a few and have no complaints. Literally fill up the tub, drop it in, and put that shit on your insta story. They smell great and are also great for your skin. I just try to stay clear of the glitter ones because I don’t want to look like Tinkerbell for days on end.

Candle – Oceanside by Bath and Body works. I’m personally partial to ocean and tropical smelling candles, because I am not made for winter. Candles seem to have a calming force and also don’t need to cost an arm and a leg.

Essential oil – Balance by Aromatherapy Blends. It’s got a nice orange/lavender scent and also calms me. See a trend here? I work in NYC, I need a lot of shit that brings me down to earth. I put a few drops on my pillow only my wrists and just inhale. It helps.

Lipgloss – Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Revier Balm. This is the only lip stuff in my life I have ever finished a tube of. And then promptly bought a new one. It’s worth the price point, and take that for someone who searches for sales and refuses to pay retail. It adjusts to your natural lip color so you don’t look ridiculous and is also SO MOISTURIZING. Cold weather is upon us muffins, take care of your lippies. Plus, it’s soooo pretty. Look at it.

And there you have it. Long story short: spoil and take care of yourselves. What’s your favorite way to distract yourself? Let me know, because lord knows we all don’t have enough distractions.
*OK OK OK – two weeks in a row probably doesn’t count for regularly scheduled, but roll with me here.

Author: sweetsnarky

Just another millennial trying to make her way through the city and keep her sanity while doing so.

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