Sephora aims to take more of you money

Sephora has been doing this weekly WOW deals where they discount items starting every Thursday. Because you needed more reason to give Sephora half of your paycheck.

And don’t get it twisted – these aren’t some silly 10% discounts. These are deeply discounted products, so beware if you’re an impulse buyer like I am. They have them conveniently on their app so you can buy things while you’re supposed to be doing other things (like, idk working) OR they also offer them in store. I’m not sure which is more dangerous.

Last week was one of those weeks for me where I couldn’t resist the deals they had. But also let’s be real, every single week is that for me. I have a shopping problem. Acceptance is the first step, right? Anyway.

Cover FX Contour kit

This was an extreme impulse buy because we are lucky if I put cover up on before work. But it was about 50% off and so I was like, you got me here Sephora. The product is a creamy texture and goes on really smooth. I took an awful selfie of it pre blend but it was borderline offensive, so I’ll spare you. The lighter colors took a lot more effort to blend in, but overall this was really easy to use.

Post application. Contour is a miracle worker because my face is not that skinny. My hair was that jacked up though, can’t fix that.

Cover FX Double Ended Contour Brush

This was like, a must buy to go with the contour kit. Sephora is well aware of what it’s doing here, and I’ll fall for it every single time. The small end was PERFECT for the application, but it’s a skinnier brush as opposed to the round brushes I usually use for foundation. The larger end took a little more effort to use. Or maybe I’m bad at this because like I said, I’m into that no effort look.

Benefit Watt’s Up Cream to Powder Highlighter

This I’ve bought multiple times but I had to nab it when it was on sale. It’s the perfect highlighter and is so easy to apply. It has a sponge at the other end so you can blend it in easily. So simple, and makes you glisten. I’ve even bought this as a gift for people, it’s that good. Just ask my baby sister about the time she wore it and my mom tried to wipe it off because “there was stuff on her face”.

Moral of the story? Sephora wants all of your money, and you should just give it to them. I don’t know why any of us are trying to fight this anymore. So check that app on Thursdays and go to town loves.

Author: sweetsnarky

Just another millennial trying to make her way through the city and keep her sanity while doing so.

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