The Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale Did Me Dirty

So I think it’s already no secret I have a shopping problem. It’s been something that’s been apparent for most of my life. I’m not even sure who first encouraged this habit of mine, it’s gone on so long. But here we are and I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon, so let’s just embrace it shall we?

This brings me to my favorite word: “SALE”. I’m a jersey girl and a bargain hunter at heart. I hate paying retail, ever. This tweet from mother monster speaks more to my soul than most things in this world, and sums me up nicely.

She. Gets. It.

Naturally, I’m drawn to sample sales. I don’t frequent them often, because I also hate people. These things are normally crowded and overwhelming. If you’re not ready to fight for the things you want, this is NOT the scene for you. And sometimes they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. I’ve gone to a few of The Rebecca Minkoff sample sales, and sometimes walked away empty handed (and sad. So sad) or with one thing.

This sale? Girllll you betta RUN. Its the first one in years I walked out with more than one thing, and am highly considering returning when prices get marked down even further.

Why this sale is good: ACTUAL SAMPLES. A lot of “sample sales” are just merchandise that they couldn’t sell at retail. While there is plenty of that here, but when I went there were PLENTY of actual sample bags that were deeply discounted. Like this one below I bought. A bag like this normally retails at around $300, and I got it for a price not even CLOSE.

What to expect:

  • A lot of MAC mini, backpacks, and satchels. The tables are FULL of them in a rainbow of colors. Just don’t expect a lot of neutrals. But if you’re looking for a fun or different color, this is the place.
  • Shoes! Some cute booties and flats, some embellished
  • Clothes – sweaters, some coats, a lot of tops, sweatshirt
  • A table of samples in the back. Various states of the bags, which will dictate price point. This is the hardest to predict, but can have the biggest reward
  • Accessories – jewelry, wallets, and card cases galore
  • Probably a line. It comes with the territory

What I think is worth it: go straight back to the sample table. It might be slim pickings depending on when you go, but they were restocking it Monday as they day went on, so you never know. The MAB and MAC bags are a staple and so versatile, so those are absolutely worth a look. The wallets are VERY CHEAP so def give that bin a look through.

Pro tip: Later in the week, the items tend to get marked down even further, making it worth a second trip. Watch 260 sample sale or my new fave sample sale savant (insta – @mostlyblack_) and rush back there.

And here are some gratuitous pictures of other things I bought at the sale, because of course I didn’t leave with just one thing.

Author: sweetsnarky

Just another millennial trying to make her way through the city and keep her sanity while doing so.

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